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By focusing on your customers' needs, we can help
you create digital services and products that win the day.


How can we help you?

In today's fast-paced world, demands on the customer experience are evolving by the minute, and risks are often hidden. This means it's more important than ever to really understand your customers' needs in depth. We'll help you rethink the way users interact with your services, revealing what’s beneath the surface to bring up the kind of constant evolution that best serves your customers.

Idea validation

Whether you're a fresh new start-up or a big, established company, knowing your customers' needs and achieving the perfect market fit is crucial before you spend money on development. We'll help you eliminate the risk of unforeseen obstacles.

Experience audit

Do you want to improve your services? Let us discover customer feedback, uncover hidden data and work with you on ways to make your services perform better. You'll get a prioritised list of improvements plus help with implementation.

Have a problem that doesn’t fit in these boxes?

Great! We love a good challenge. Contact us and tell us what you're struggling with.


Get in touch with us at hello@studioiceberg.cz tell us what you want to achieve, when it needs to happen and what you've tried so far.
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